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Poison causing natural causes of death.

Poison is a silent, perfect weapon that has a tremendous advantage over other weapons, including firearms and edged weapons. Buy deadly poison is easier than a gun. Only with poison can an unwanted opponent be eliminated inconspicuously, quietly and without suspicion, leaving no traces of violence on the body. Thus without arousing suspicion on the part of law enforcement agencies and medical workers, who, after using the poison as a weapon, will write a conclusion about the natural cause of death.

Order poison, the effects of which, even with the most thorough examinations, are not detectable by forensic examination.

Buy Poison — Remove it quietly

I have the ability to buy poison, The effect of which causes natural causes of death, such as: stroke, myocardial infarction, OSA, CHD, as well as triggers other pathological processes in the human body.

I will try to explain briefly about the elements and the principle of action. All preparations are used as food additives in beverages, water, alcohol, etc. Preparations (poisons) have no taste or flavor properties. Do not leave suspended particles in liquids. Are heat-resistant (not afraid of boiling temperatures). The cost of the order includes one extra dose in case of error (force majeure) on your part. Buy the poison provoking the launch of an individual process of pathological disease.

Absolutely everyone has a weakness - a weakness in the organs of normal life support. A defect in the immune system. In simple words, every person has a number of diseases which are in a dormant mode and require only a trigger to start the process.

Here we will consider another type of drugs of prolonged action. Synthesizing elements with the help of alkaloid-bearing plants, whose alkaloids start a pathological process in the human body, themselves by the time of death are removed from the body by decomposition into nonspecific products, the caused pathology resembles the diseases that arose due to natural causes. This group has its own advantages, the elements accumulate, the outcome always looks natural, and the element itself is quickly hydrolyzed. Buy Poison You can get it from me.

Fast-acting poisons

A drug based on cardiac glycosides which has a direct effect on the heart and causes acute heart failure with a time of action from 30 minutes to 3 hours after ingestion.

Poisons with a long period of action

Drugs synthesized with alkaloid-bearing plants that cause disturbances at the hormonal level.

As an example: the drug disrupts the production by the liver of a protein called fibrinogen, the lack of which leads to hemorrhage, which causes a stroke. Elevated levels of fibrinogen lead to thrombosis, resulting in myocardial infarction. Poison is not detected by examination due to the fact that all the drugs used are present in the body. The human body contains many chemicals such as: potassium, calcium, oxygen and magnesium, sodium. The chemical process in the body of these elements contributes to the necessary energy for the full functioning of the body. Chemical processes in the human body can cause positive as well as negative electrical impulses. For example, the human heart, in order to maintain rhythm, produces potassium and absorbs sodium, which creates a positive charge in the cell. When the charge reaches the right point, the cells begin to act on the heart muscle, which leads to contraction of the heart muscle, when this process is disturbed - DOS occurs.

Cellular respiration is one of the many chemical processes of the human body that contributes to the production of electricity, the disruption of which will cause the human body to malfunction. Human is a complex combination of chemical processes and compounds, the interaction of which generates (creates) an electric charge. And disruption of one of the processes leads to illness, as well as death.


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