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Poison a man

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Poison a man with tea

Poison a man

without trace

poison sales

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  • Poison a man without a trace
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poison a person

Here you will find instructions on how to poison a person quietly (without traces).

There are many ways of killing that mankind has used in different times. Poisons are one of them, and the most ancient. But, as time goes on, there are more and more poisons and more knowledge about them. Today It's easy to poison a person.

Today's forensic science is capable of detecting almost any kind of poison, which cannot be said about the specialists of past decades. There are more opportunities to detect traces of poison and to identify it.

Is it possible to poison a person without leaving any traces

The world's leading toxicologists, unfortunately, point to the contrary: poison a person so that it would be impossible to suspect the lethal effects of the poisons on his body - easy enough. It will look as if the person died of natural causes. It is enough just to break the normal ratio of enzymes - and that's it. Adequate functioning of the processes in the body becomes impossible, due to which the victim dies.

One enzyme is produced, performs its function, and is transformed into another enzyme, which destroys the first one. Similar processes are going on in the body all the time. If, for example, you inject a huge dose of some destructive enzyme that interacts with another enzyme, the consequences are quite deplorable. It literally "burns up" its partner, which the body cannot do without. This is exactly how insulin and sugar work - faithful partners. If insulin is given in huge quantities, the sugar, which promotes vital reactions in the body, will be destroyed, and death will come to the person. At autopsy, the examiner will not find anything extraneous. It will look as if the death occurred of natural causes.

Poison a man and leave no suspicions

poison a person
Another example might be considered. With poison it is possible to disrupt blood clotting by blocking one of the twenty enzymes that are responsible for it. The result can be severe clotting of the blood, the formation of many blood clots, and a heart attack. Are you familiar with such a substance as rat poison? It acts in the way described, killing in 18-20 hours.

Kurarin is another extremely well-known poison which causes paralysis of the muscles. They become completely inactive, causing even the lungs and heart to stop working. If you poison a person exactly with Kurarin, it will leave no sign of its presence either outside or inside (it decomposes very quickly). The only thing left is to write it off as a heart problem. In such cases, very often a note is made in the cause of death, indicating paralysis or rupture of the heart, acute heart failure, etc.

In general, the statistics speak for themselves. In about 10-15% of deaths, even an experienced expert cannot determine the exact cause. We have to put it down to acute death.

Is it difficult to find a poison that can poison a person

Today there are many ways to How to poison a person. Just think about it: out of eight million synthesized and thoroughly studied substances, about a hundred thousand of them can become poison to kill a human being. In order to find traces of any of them, you need to understand what you are looking for. There is no one-size-fits-all method of identification. Certain methods of detection, chemical reactions, etc., must be used for each.

In principle, it is possible to try to detect a particular poison out of the existing hundred thousand. But there is more than one thing to consider. Firstly, a competent analytical chemist will be needed. Secondly, you will need samples of all these substances (at the very least, their exact characteristics - dew point, boiling point, etc.). Thirdly, it will take a lot of time - at least a year (this is assuming that each poison will be given at least 40 minutes). All of the above, in principle, will only help if only one poison has been used, which has not been mixed with anything else.

But if an experienced person with a special education is engaged in the case, he is able to poison a person with the help of a single substance by causing the most complicated reactions in the victim's organism. Suppose, when some seemingly harmless substance A is injected, under the influence of enzymes it is broken down and substance B is formed, from which substance C appears and so on. At some point, substance N is born, a very toxic and incredibly dangerous substance that kills people. The expert can establish the exact cause of death only if he knows substance A and what sequence of reactions occurs under its influence.

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